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Welcome to our Onco-Adjunct page! We’re pretty sure it’s not your preference to be on this page. But we’re here to help, and to offer you options, choices, and adjunctive alternatives.

We want to help you bring your system into optimal balance, so your immune system and all your other systems operate in such a way as to allow you to live a fulfilling life – however you define that.

Our ONCO-ADJUNCT Pathway System brings a thoughtful approach to cellular imbalances using LPS™ technology. It is endorsed by Joe Tippens as part of his personal protocol.

We encourage you to learn all that you can about the specific pathways affected in your individual case… and to work closely with your doctor or health coach to selectively choose the optimal pathway combinations that address your individual cellular imbalances.

Will yours be the next success story?

Canadian Customers:

Please note that as of May 25th, 2022, we can no longer ship Onco-Adjunct™ Pathway 1™ to Canada. Multiple shipments of Onco-Adjunct™ Pathway 1™ have been confiscated at the border. We are working on solutions but none of them are quick. If you have alternate methods of receiving product, please call us to discuss. 405-694-4175 X7002.


LPS™ is our patented technology that binds molecular bioactives plant extracts to protein / amino acid scaffolds allowing for the easy digestion and absorption of these potent plant bioactive to readily absorb into your body.

70% of people who use UltraCür® experience a transformative benefit within a week, half of these people within 24 hours.