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This Breakthrough Antioxidant Wellness Solution Goes Far Beyond the Rest

Want a kinder, gentler, way to promote wellness that makes you feel lively, energetic, and like you’re truly thriving? A solution that you can actually feel without risk of collateral damage?

In the past you had two options… conventional medicine or supplements that too often didn’t work well. 

Fortunately, you now have a third option – your breakthrough “antioxidant wellness hero”… 

Supplements fueled by our patented LPS™ technology! 

LPS™ stands for Liquid Protein Scaffolding™ Technology. It actually pushes the curcumin molecule (and other botanicals) into your cells – fast and effectively. So you feel it, fast!

In essence, the polyphenol compound “rides in” on a protein scaffold, which your body recognizes. 

This gives YOU unique control over your daily wellness… a solution that’s fast-acting, effective, gentle on your stomach, and  is a natural antioxidant that supports your wellness.

If curcumin never “worked” for you before, it could be that it never actually got to your cells. 

If you’ve tried “everything” without much success – even other natural curcumin products – you owe it to yourself to try UltraCür® today. 

UltraCür® is fueled by LPS™ technology to give you the “true edge” you’ve been dreaming of for your health… to support your peak wellness, energy, and active lifestyle. 

Plus, you can order it from the comfort of home and have it delivered straight to your front door. No drive time needed! (Also available through retailers and practitioners.) 

Support healthy aging, peak wellness, and energy starting today. Let UltraCur® products bring your wellness and longevity dreams into focus. 

Two ways to get started:  

  • Order a 3-day sample of our product. All you pay is shipping of $5.50 or less.
  • Better yet, give yourself a 30-day or 60-day trial run by ordering one or two bottles. Studies show that the longer you take curcumin the more benefits you enjoy. Everybody’s different. Some people feel UltraCür® faster than others. Prime yourself for your best chance for success. (We stand behind our products so there’s no risk to you.) 

Reach for antioxidant wellness LPS™ UltraCür® curcumin today and enjoy all the health support and lifestyle possibilities it gives. 

Why Not Black Pepper / Piperine?  

Many companies add black pepper extract to their supplements – which can have negative effects. Pepper products can be hard on your stomach and GI lining.

That’s why the discovery of Liquid Protein Scaffold™ technology was such a pivotal moment, as it increases absorption of polyphenolic compounds without the need for pepper.  


UltraCür® is the #1 selling curcumin among globally recognized alternative health professionals as well as many independent health food stores. It was invented and is manufactured in Oklahoma City… being birthed out of Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation by two autoimmune researchers plus founder Adam Payne, who was an inflammation researcher and former pharmaceutical executive.

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Sample is FREE...
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Did you know Curcumin and Turmeric are not the same thing?


Turmeric is a great spice with true health benefits.

Volumes of research reveal Curcumin to be a potent, “natural supplement”, if you can get it into the bloodstream.

UltraCür® employs patented Liquid Protein Scaffold™ technology for driving curcumin into the bloodstream RAPIDLY and at UNPRECEDENTED levels!

UltraCür® doesn’t need black pepper extract, oil carriers, or nano particle delivery systems to absorb into your body. Instead, it “rides into” your system on a protein scaffold your body immediately recognizes.

Get UltraCur®'s Transformational Results Today!

We deliver molecular curcumin to the body using Liquid Protein Scaffold™ technology.

Real Results

In a study of UltraCür® users, 70% reported significant results in one week, 50% of those within 24 hours, and 35% of those within 2 hours.

Field Traceable

Our curcumin is fully traceable to the field where grown and extracted in India, with social responsibility. Manufactured in our U.S.A. GMP-certified facility.

100% Natural

No fillers or artificial ingredients used. Capsules are made with organic fermented tapioca found in Nature.

Easy Absorption

Quickly dissolves in water. Our unique LPS™ scaffolding sends curcumin into the cells rapidly at unprecedented levels.

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