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Did you know Curcumin and Turmeric are not the same thing?


Turmeric is a great spice with true health benefits.

Volumes of research reveal Curcumin to be a potent, natural supplement, if you can get it into the bloodstream.

UltraCür® employs a patent pending technology for driving curcumin into the bloodstream RAPIDLY and at UNPRECEDENTED levels!

UltraCür® doesn't need black pepper extract or oil carriers or nano particle delivery systems to absorb into your body. UltraCür employs Liquid Protein Scaffold LPS™ technology to enable the absorption of molecular curcumin into your body.

UltraCür® transforms people's lives:

We deliver molecular curcumin to the body using Liquid Protein Scaffold™ technology.

Real Results

In a study of UltraCür® users, 70% reported significant results in a week, 50% of those within 24 hours.
We offer free samples of UltraCür® to anyone so that you can, "See for yourself".

Highest Shelf Curcumin

Our curcumin is fully traceable to the field where it was grown, extracted in India with certified social responsibility, further complexed into UltraCür® employing our LPS™ technology at our own USA, GMP facility.

100% Natural

We use no fillers or artificial materials in our products. The capsule is made with Organic fermented tapioca - the ingredients come from Nature. We test for microbes, pesticides, heavy metals and purity in every batch. Nothing is left to guesswork.

Easy Absorption

Quickly disperses in water. Our unique protein scaffolding shuttles curcumin into the bloodstream rapidly at unprecedented levels.


Jerrod Roberts D.Ph

CEO Flourish Pharmacy

UltraCur has become Flourish's supplement of choice for pain and inflammation, UltraCur quickly became one of our top sellers among the vast selection of products we offer. Patients and customers experiencing results is the key factor for this success along with word of mouth referrals.

Lou Phillips

Clinical Nutritionist

UltraCur became our number one seller within one week after we began to give free samples to our customers. The results have been exceptional for relief from chronic inflammation with its associated aches and pains.

Mary Fry Pharm D

Medic Pharmacy

We love the science behind UltraCur and the results that our patients share with us for reducing their inflammation. Having UltraCur as a local made in Oklahoma’s product and research coming from Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation are two more great reasons we and our patients trust UltraCur.


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