This Breakthrough “Aches and Pains” Solution Goes Far Beyond the Rest

Want gentler, kinder pain relief that actually works?

Traditionally, you had two options... conventional medicine’s options or supplements that often didn’t work well.

Fortunately, you now have a third option – your breakthrough “aches and pains” hero...

Supplements fueled by our patented LPS™ technology!

LPS™ stands for Liquid Protein Scaffolding™. It actually pushes the curcumin molecule (and other botanicals) into your cells – fast and effectively.

This gives YOU new, unique control over your aches and pains... Pain relief that’s fast-acting, effective, gentle on your stomach, and naturally anti-inflammatory.

So if curcumin never “worked” for you before, it could be that it didn’t get to where needed most (your cells).

If you’ve tried “everything” – including other natural curcumin products – without much success, you owe it to yourself to try UltraCur® today.

UltraCur® is fueled by LPS™ technology to give you the “true edge” you’ve been dreaming of for your health and natural pain relief.

Plus, you can order it easily from the comfort of home and have it delivered straight to your front door. No drive time needed! (Also available through retailers and practitioners.)

Turn the aches, pains, and inflammation of aging on their head. Let UltraCur® products give you your well-deserved new lease on life.

Two ways to get started:
  1. Order a 3-day sample of our product. All you pay is shipping.
  2. Better yet, give yourself a 30-day or 60-day trial run by ordering one or two bottles. Studies show that the longer you take curcumin the more benefits you enjoy and the more control you gain over your aches, pains, and inflammation.
Reach for this pain-relief solution today!



Amazon Verified Purchase

I have tried a ton of different Curcumin products that claim to be the best. But it wasn’t until I recently tried UltraCür Curcumin that I was extremely impressed. It's the fastest acting, most potent Curcumin I have ever taken. It has been a long time since a supplement product has had me this excited.

Heather F.

Verified Shopify Customer

I want to thank you so very much for your amazing formulas! They have been a game changer for my husband and I as we traverse the aches and pains of growing older. Yesterday he felt poorly and took UltraCur® Advanced (Power of Three). By bedtime all his symptoms had disappeared. I also have a health-challenged dog that was abandoned and left for dead... your formulas have helped to make her more comfortable. Bless your hearts for sharing these truly healing formulas with the world!

Jerrod Roberts

Doctor of Pharmacy/CEO, Flourish Pharmacy

UltraCur has become Flourish's supplement of choice for pain and inflammation, UltraCur quickly became one of our top sellers among the vast selection of products we offer. Patients and customers experiencing results is the key factor for this success along with word of mouth referrals.

Free Samples

Free Samples

UltraCur 3 Day Trial

Sample is FREE... $ 5.50 for shipping

Free Samples

UltraCur Advanced 3 Day Trial

Sample is FREE... $ 5.50 for shipping

Free Samples

UltraDefense 3 Day Trial

Sample is FREE... $ 5.50 for shipping

Free Samples

UltraHemp 3 Day Trial

Sample is FREE... $ 5.50 for shipping
A wooden bowl filled with curcumin sits beside a spoon, five Ultra Cur tablets, and fresh ginger.

Did you know Curcumin and Turmeric are not the same thing?


Turmeric is a great spice with true health benefits.

Volumes of research reveal Curcumin to be a potent, natural supplement, if you can get it into the bloodstream.

UltraCür® employs a patent pending technology for driving curcumin into the bloodstream RAPIDLY and at UNPRECEDENTED levels!

UltraCür® doesn't need black pepper extract or oil carriers or nano particle delivery systems to absorb into your body. UltraCür employs Liquid Protein Scaffold LPS™ technology to enable the absorption of molecular curcumin into your body.

Get UltraCur®'s Transformational Results Today!

We deliver molecular curcumin to the body using Liquid Protein Scaffold™ technology.

A counter-clockwise arrow pointed down. Clockhands are in the middle.

Real Results

In a study of UltraCür® users, 70% reported significant results in one week, and 50% of those within 24 hours.
A fuel gauge with the meter pointing halfway between half-full and empty.

Field Traceable

Our curcumin is fully traceable to the field where grown & extracted in India with social responsibility. Manufactured in our U.S.A. GMP facility.
A small green flower.

100% Natural

No fillers or artificial ingredients. Capsules made with organic fermented tapioca found in Nature.
A stomach with a heart in the middle of it.

Easy Absorption

Quickly dissolves in water. Our unique LPS™ scaffolding sends curcumin into the cells rapidly at unprecedented levels.


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