Holos Botanica 1200 mg. 1 oz. Hemp Oil Tincture (Unflavored)

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This is a Total Cannabinoid Product:

We have appropriately / legally labeled our product "Total Cannabinoids".  Our facility has been inspected by The FDA and this labeling was accepted.

Did You Know that ALL extraction processes remove a significant amount of some of the most important ingredients,  called TERPENES? 

Many of these companies purchase terpenes that they then add back in to their products, to try and recapture these critical, health-giving ingredients.  Some companies don't even add any Terpenes back in to their products.

Did you know that many extraction processes leave harmful solvent residue as an INGREDIENT YOU DON’T WANT IN YOUR BODY?

One of our medical colleagues recently third-party tested many of the Hemp brands on the market and MOST of them FAILED to meet their label claims.

Wouldn't you rather have a HEMP oil that NATURALLY preserves these important / critical, aromatic components and gives you the assurance of 3rd party testing?  Your health deserves ALL the naturally occurring components our creator placed in Organic Hemp.  Your health deserves the best!    

Our newest achievement is produced in-house as a true "full spectrum" Hemp Oil that preserves the entire terpene profile through our patented, Cryo temp., closed loop, extraction process.

Organic, Pesticide Free, THC Tested, Cannabidiol and Terpene Tested, Solvent Free, Third Party Testing of all incoming material and finished goods. Raw materials and Glass bottles tested for heavy metals. cGMP facility, GCMS, HPLC, MASS SPEC and Microbiological and Potency Testing on every batch.


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