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UltraCür is the #1 selling Curcumin among globally recognized and Oklahoma City alternative health professionals as well as many independent health food stores. Invented and manufactured in Oklahoma City… birthed out of Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation by two autoimmune researchers and an inflammatory marker researcher.

Here is what Health Professionals are saying about UltraCür…

  1. Keith Bishop, Clinical Nutritionist and Jerrod Roberts D.Ph., FIACP, CEO Flourish Pharmacy:
    “UltraCür has become Flourish’s supplement of choice for pain and inflammation. UltraCür quickly became one of our top sellers among the vast selection of products we offer. Patients and customers experiencing results is the key factor for this success along with word of mouth referrals.”

  2. Dr. Bryan Frank, MD, PA, Re-Genesis Health:
    “I have lectured about UltraCür at international health symposia because of its exceptional bioavailable qualities and results I have witnessed with mine and my colleagues’ patients”.

  3. Mary Jane Fry, Pharm D, Medic Pharmacy:
    “We love the science behind UltraCür and the results that our patients share with us for reducing their inflammation. Having UltraCür as a local “made in Oklahoma” product and the research coming from Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation are two more great reasons we and our patients trust UltraCür”.

  4. Dr. Paul Rothwell, MD, Wellness and Longevity:
    “UltraCür has become our #1 recommended product / curcumin for our patient population in need of chronic inflammation support. We consider UltraCür a necessary daily supplement.”

  5. Lou Phillips, Clinical Nutritionist, Meridian Avenue Nutrition:
    UltraCür became our number one seller within one week after we began to give free samples to our customers. The results have been exceptional for relief from chronic inflammation with its associated aches and pains.”

  6. Castel Santana, MD, Morfit Medical:
    UltraCür has not only changed the lives of many of my patients, but also mine as well. We have seen subjectively and objectively improvements with over all inflammation and the applications for use are limitless. We love the easy use and the great bio-availability of UltraCür. The best out there for sure.”

  7. Kenzi Taylor, ND, CHS, Owner Taylor’s Herbs:
    “My colleague Dr. Brian Frank M.D. told me about UltraCür and it immediately became our #1 Curcumin for inflammation support and fast results among our clients. Our staff loves UltraCür too as it has personally changed ours and our families’ lives.”

  8. Dave Mason, D.Ph. Owner Innovative Pharmacy Solutions:
    “We have had great experiences using UltraCür in patients and incorporate it into many of our protocols. Exciting to see great results with such innovative formulations from an Oklahoma company. We recommend it for humans, pets, and I take it as well. Thanks, UltraCür!”

  9. Tonya Cameron, RN, CMP, Wellness and Longevity:
    The positive patient feedback for UltraCür has been beyond our expectations. It has become our #1 requested product at our clinic.”

  10. Joy Uthup, RN, Co-Owner Omega Health Foods:
    “We have been using Curcumin for a long time, and UltraCür is an exceptional product, Everyone I have recommended UltraCür to came back telling us that they have seen great results!”

  11. Hayli Hartman, Master Herbalist, Owner Hayli’s Herbs:
    “I started personally using UltraCür about a year ago. I was quickly able to tell that UltraCür was more effective than the other Curcumin products I had been taking and using with my clients. Because of their powerful anti-inflammatory properties UltraCür products have become foundational products I use when working with my clients.”

  12. Kyle Drew, Clinical Nutritionist, Host Super Health Radio Show:
    “I’ve taken every top selling, Curcumin and never felt anything. UltraCür is the first one that I actually feel results with, and quickly! Everyone I have recommended UltraCür to has had the same experience.”. This is why UltraCür merited winning the SuperHealth Product of the year award in 2018.

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