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Terms & Conditions

  • You acknowledge that you are NOT relying on Onco-Adjunct™ products as a treatment for your cancer.
  • You acknowledge that you will discuss any and all use of Onco-Adjunct™ products with your healthcare provider.
  • You acknowledge that Onco-Adjunct™ Pathway™ products are solely to improve the structure and function of your cellular pathways, are not a treatment of a disease or a symptom of a disease but are nutritional supplements designed to fortify and support your health.
  • Further you specifically release from harm and litigation Ultra Botanica, LLC for any misuse of these supplements or reliance therein as a treatment for a disease or the symptom of a disease.
  • You also agree to discuss with your healthcare provider any adverse reactions, and if counseled by your healthcare provider to discontinue use, you will follow their instruction and promptly discontinue use.
  • You agree not to operate machinery or drive your car while starting any Onco- Adjunct™ product until you have experience with how these products affect your mental, emotional and wakeful state.

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