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Store Resellers

Store Resellers

The Essential Program for Health Food Stores Wanting to Quadruple Their Curcumin Sales This Year

The simple highly effective program that’s proven to work... And your team members can learn it in 90 seconds!

Boost your annual sales up to 4x starting today – in three simple steps!


1. Prequalify every customer with one simple question.

  • Ask every customer, “Do you or a friend or loved one feel like you’re getting older and would to rejuvenate your life and energy?” If yes, give them a sample.
  • Tell them, “When it works, come back and purchase a bottle. Here’s where you’ll find it.”
  • Keep sample cards behind the counter/in a drawer… NEVER on the counter or tables.

2. Turn every customer into a product evangelist with 3 steps…

  • Ask Question: “Can you think of 1 or 2 friends or family members who would love to experience the UltraCür® difference too?”
  • If yes, ask them, “If I give you a sample for [names they just mentioned, such as Grandma or Billy], would you be kind enough to give them this sample so they can enjoy the UltraCür® difference too?” Typical answer is yes, and they usually follow through.
  • Give them the sample, and ask them to follow the instructions inside the sample card.

3. Enjoy the fruits of this sample plan… Enjoy happy repeat customers, add-on sales, word-of-mouth referrals, and more foot traffic. And of course… greater profits!

Experience Incredible Sales Results!
In 2021, $64,800 SOLD!

Lou Phillips Clinical Nutritionist, Meridian Avenue Nutrition, said, “UltraCür® became our #1 seller within one week after we began to give free samples to our customers.”

“The results have been exceptional… Over half of those that take a sample home return to purchase within 3 days!”

How to Get Started Today

It’s easy to get started.

Here’s the simple process:

  1. Email Kyle at kyle@UltraBotanica.com with the subject line: Store Reseller Request!
  2. Kyle will return your email and set up a mutually acceptable time to jump on a phone call.
  3. During the phone call, Kyle will discuss your store’s needs and sales goals, tell you a bit about UltraBotanica and our unique breakthrough technology, and discuss minimum order requirements.
  4. A follow-up email (if applicable) will state what’s needed from you to set up your Store Reseller Account and login. He’ll also supply you with a PDF about our Sample Program and pricing (if not already received).
  5. A phone call to place your first order and confirm all details.
  6. A follow-up phone call for Kyle to learn about your customers’ experiences… and answer any questions you may have.
  7. You can place future orders from the convenience of your store by logging in to your account and placing your minimum order amount… or by calling 405-694-4175, X7007.

Kyle is available by phone, Zoom, or in-person (local accounts only) to perform brief staff training about the sampling program.

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