UltraBotanica, LLC was born from inspiration. Our inspiration is fueled by an undying belief there is untapped goodness and potential in the world. Goodness we want to capture, enhance, and share.

All of us at UltraBotanica have life stories. Those experiences motivate us to strive to make the world a better place. Every day.

One supplement at a time. One day at a time.

We won't be happy as a team, a brand, and as a company unless we know our products are elevating our customer's lives daily.

We really do care and everything we do, we do for you.


Adam Payne

Adam Payne

Founder / Inventor / CEO

 My LPS™ technology enabled the development of UltraCür®, a breakthrough helping us to absorb molecular Curcumin. I am Grateful for the daily visits with our customers hearing the amazing results they achieve with UltraCür®.

Josh Bellieu

Josh Bellieu

Chief Product Evangelist (CPE)

UltraCür® LPS technology is the difference. that produces results.
My personal journey began with a sample of UltraCur that changed my life In 5 days. Since that time thousands of peoples lives have been transformed who suffered as I did.

Dr Bryan Frank

Dr Bryan Frank

Chief Medical Officer

As an Integrative Medicine practitioner my focus starts at the cellular level. UltraCür meets the need in supporting total cellular health by helping my patient's bodies achieve inflammation homeostasis.

Our Support Team

Project Management - Quality - Marketing

Our vision is to continually challenge ourselves to create new nutraceutical technologies that can be applied to a variety of natural supplements. Our supplements harness the best of nature, exponentially increase their bioavailability, and help the world feel better every day without over the counter drugs.

UltraBotanica's response to this challenge is the utilization of our ground breaking, patent-pending process that combines natural remedies by scaffolding them to protein and other isolates.

By joining the two, we have created highly bioavailable and super-potent protein isolates. This isolate is used as the basis for the entire nutrient enhanced product line.

From Left to Right
Mckenna Qualls - Project Lead x7006
Jin Liu - Quality Lead x7008
Sun Park - Marketing Lead x7002


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