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Plant BioActives You Can Actually Feel

Powered by Patented LPS™ Technology

Enables the Absorption of Poorly Soluble Plant BioActives into the Body
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UltraCür® is Driven by Unique LPS™ technology

Curcumin is one of Nature’s most important bioactive compounds. However, it is insoluble in the gut and doesn’t absorb. That’s why we introduced our patented LPS™ technology... a way to deliver molecular plant bioactives, such as curcumin, into our circulation and to our cells.

Our first breakthrough was the patented LPS™ scaffold using curcumin as the bioactive.

We use whey protein, brown rice protein, and N-acetylcysteine (NAC) as the scaffolds on which curcumin is delivered into the body.

As your body digests the curcumin complex, our curcumin is absorbed readily in a molecular form, making it available to interact with the cells in your body.

Without LPS™ technology, you have to wait till a bioactive molecule of curcumin frees itself from its aggregated form before it can interact with your cells.

Are Over 21,000 PubMed Studies Proof Enough to Use Curcumin?

Characteristics of curcumin:

  • A powerful healing agent
  • An active component of turmeric
  • A mouse study showed UltraCür® had at least 187x better absorption than unformulated curcumin, and a 6x better absorption than nano-particle products.
  • A phyto-polyphenol pigment isolated from the Curcuma longa plant
  • Safe, no known toxicity

Studied for its benefits in these and more:

  • Free-radical scavenging*
  • Inflammation balance* (Validated by 2,365 PubMed Studies.)
  • Glucose balance*
  • Aging with energy*
  • Support for immune system and overall health*

Curcumin/turmeric is a fabulous supplement. However, it comes with its own set of problems. Mainly, the problem of “solubility” and how to make it more bioavailable.

Others have tried to solve this problem, using:

  • Additives, i.e, piperine
  • Liposomes
  • Nanoparticles

Many such “solutions” actually get in the way of the curcumin doing its job or come with other side effects. Some, such as black pepper extract (piperine) have a negligible effect on absorption. Yet they can greatly slow down your liver metabolism.

How We Improved Absorption So You Could Feel It!

Oklahoma scientists Hal Scofield, Biji Kurien, and Adam Payne worked relentlessly to find the tech breakthrough that’s now the LPS™ technology. We saw that curcumin bound to protein structures before it bound to itself.


So we hypothesized that as the body digested the complex, curcumin would then become absorbed in a molecular form ready to interact with the body’s cells.


Relevant facts:

  • Pure curcumin solubility is extremely low.
  • 8 to 12 g of pure curcumin is needed to see a minimal health benefit.
  • Binding solubilized curcumin to a protein scaffold provides a dosage form that’s readily absorbed, water soluble, and easy to digest.
  • 70% of people who try the product get significant results within a week… 50% of those see results within 24 hours.
  • Composition, formulation and treatment and production methods are patented.


Don’t take our word for it. Get your own free 3-day trial for your NEW experience with curcumin.

The Free Trial You’re Sure to Love

“We were experimenting using ourselves as guinea pigs. When we first tried UltraCur® each of us were amazed. We experienced what we now call the ‘Curcumin Buzz’ within five minutes. Not only was the curcumin getting into our circulation, but because we were feeling it... it must’ve gotten into our brains too! Remarkable!” ~ Adam Payne, CEO/Inventor of LPS™ technology

  • With Original UltraCur® 70% of people experience dramatic improvements within a week, and 50% within 24 hours.
  • No reported stomach upset or GI issues.
  • A mouse study showed a 6x better absorption than nano-particle products and at least 187x over unformulated curcumin.
  • Formulated as a convenient oral pill or powder drink mix.
  • Free-flowing, non-staining powder. Easy to manufacture and formulate with. Taste and smell-neutral.


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