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One of your body’s best anticancer signaling proteins

One of your body’s best anticancer signaling proteins

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Do you or a loved one experience any difficulties with cancer?

There may be something that can help and it is as simple as a supplement from your local health food store with no prescription needed.

A small molecular mystery named curcumin possesses a broad range of beneficial effects in the body. One of its specialties is its ability to increase production of a unique protein called p53.

The signaling protein

P53 serves your cellular empire by ensuring that cells copy and reproduce themselves only if they are healthy enough to do so.  

Cells are always dividing. But during our lifetimes, our cells’ instruction manuals for proper functioning can get damaged by the sun, chemicals, unhealthy food, and other harmful elements.  

Amazingly, the cell knows when it is damaged. It signals for the p53 police to come and save the day. P53 then stops the cancer reproduction processes to give the cell time to fix itself. Yes, our cells can heal themselves.  

The other amazing thing about p53 is that if the cell recognizes that it is beyond repair, p53 will initiate cell death known as apoptosis.  

This means that even though we all have cancer cells in our body, a healthy p53 pathway helps us to get rid of those nasty cells.

When something goes wrong 

Cancer happens when our cells get damaged in the part of the instruction manual that codes for the p53 pathway… leaving the cell unable to stop growing and fix its genetic problems.  

Eventually the cell becomes so sick and damaged that cancer emerges. These cancerous cells divide rapidly and become a deadly tumor.

The anticancer molecule that can make it right

Curcumin, when absorbed into your body, directly stimulates the activation of the damaged p53 pathway.  

Hundreds of studies show overwhelming evidence that curcumin elevates the p53 protein. Curcumin protects this valuable pathway by regularly eliminating cancer cells.  

Curcumin has also been shown to specifically target cancer cells and leave healthy normal cells alone.  

Whether or not you have cancer today, it affects a staggering number of people each year. You can reduce your own risk of cancer by protecting your p53 pathway with curcumin.  

And if you already have cancer or are in remission, curcumin could be one of your best natural tools in your ongoing pursuit of being or becoming cancer-free. 


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One of your body’s best anticancer signaling proteins

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