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My name is Adam Payne, and I'm the Curcumin Innovator.

No doubt you’re not landing on this page because you were seeking fun and games. Nevertheless, our aim is to help you find answers and improve your health so you can walk in wellness and enjoy fun again.

We work hard to curate great information for you… guiding you towards greater vitality and wellness that lets you pursue your life dreams.

One quick thing to know about me…

I spent many years in the pharmaceutical world, where research is king, and the FDA’s standards are set very high.

Today I apply those same high standards learned in Pharma to our all-natural ONCO-Adjunct™ (and all our other products), which we manufacture and sell from our GMP certified manufacturing facility right here in the heart of Oklahoma City.

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  • And more…
2. You’ll also be interested to learn that if you are living on a fixed income, i.e., just Social Security, we have financial assistance programs available for you to obtain our ONCO products.

3. You may be sad to hear that the FDA limits us regarding what we can say about nutritional supplements. But it’s true.

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1. Over the next three weeks, I’ll be sending you a series of emails.

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Adam Payne, The Curcumin Innovator


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