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Medical Practitioners

Do you offer patients the BEST curcumin product?

Most curcumin products have limited bioavailability because the curcumin molecule has notoriously poor absorption.


That’s why you need Liquid Protein Scaffold™ (LPS™) technology!


Years of research showed us it was the key to delivering molecular plant bio-actives, such as curcumin, into our circulation and cells in a highly bioavailable way.


And what’s the point of giving your patients second-best?

The Risky Supplement Additive Even Many Doctors Think is Healthy

Piperine may appear benign, but research suggests that it can damage the liver, or lead to GI distress or respiratory problems.


Adding piperine may be contra-indicated for patients who are on prescription drugs, since it alters drug metabolism. Piperine can spike blood levels of drugs and herbs.


Drugs.com has identified several prescription drugs (including cancer drugs), and supplements, that piperine interferes with.


Therefore, caution is certainly warranted.

Boost Your Annual Curcumin Sales Starting Today!

It’s simple to boost your clinic’s supplement revenue starting today – using the most bioavailable curcumin available on the market.

  1. If your patient shows signs of inflammation or complains about the signs of aging, recommend our clinical strength UltraCür® Pro – available only through health professionals. It contains 4x the amount of curcumin found in Original UltraCür®.

  2. Ask these patients to report back to you their experience with the product. Also ask them when they come for follow-up clinical visits.

  3. Encourage repeat orders as your patients feel increasingly well. Urge them to keep doing what’s working well for them.


Of course, as a health professional you’re not limited to just purchasing our clinical strength products.


We recommend you also stock and resell our many retail products… including Original UltraCür®, UltraCür® Advanced, UltraDefense™, UltraBroc™, UltraBoost™, UltraMetabolic, and our ONCO-Adjunct products.

After all, who knows better how to compile an all-around supplement program for your patients than you?

How to Get Started Today

It’s easy to get started.

Here’s the simple process:

  1. Email Kyle at Kyle@UltraBotanica.com with the subject line: Medical Practitioner Request.
  2. Kyle will return your email and set up a mutually acceptable time to jump on a phone call.
  3. During the phone call, Kyle will discuss your clinic’s needs, tell you a bit about UltraBotanica and its unique breakthrough technology, and discuss minimum order requirements.
  4. Follow-up email (if applicable) will state what’s needed from you to set up your Medical Practitioner Account and login. He’ll also supply you with a PDF about our Sample Program and pricing (if not already received).
  5. A phone call to place your first order and confirm all details.
  6. A follow-up phone call for Kyle to learn about your patients’ experiences… and answer any questions you may have.
  7. Place future orders from the convenience of your office by logging in to your account and placing your minimum order amount… or by calling 405-694-4175, X7007.

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