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How to Treat Addictions With Nutrients

How to Treat Addictions With Nutrients

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The conventional way of treating addictions doesn’t work. Just ask Charles Gant, M.D., whom I recently interviewed on my podcast.

The District of Columbia came to him and asked him to help them solve their overwhelming addiction problem, which was leading to high crime and violence in the city.

They said, “We hear you have this crazy thing about endorphins… maybe you can help us. We see that you address the root causes of addictions, the actual neurotransmitter deficiencies…”

Targeting the all the wrong causes… (so wrong solutions)

Addictions to legally prescribed drugs are at an all-time high… including opioids, in addition to illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and even sugar and carbs.

Most people – and most conventional medical practitioners – believe that the substance itself is the problem. Or the substance combined with some kind of psychosocial, economic, or family stress or crisis.

And perhaps most of all, moral weakness on the part of the addicted person.

Dr. Gant notes that we’ll never solve this #1 cause of death and disability so long as we are in denial of the root cause. We must wise up to the root causes of addictions.

He compares it to blaming a tropical climate for malaria instead of blaming mosquitos. There’s a difference between correlation and causation.

The one and only root cause of addiction

Based on his five decades in the trenches of functional medicine, successfully treating tens of thousands of addicts, and carefully analyzing the medical literature…

Gant says there’s one and only one direct cause of addictions.

And that is imbalances in the brain’s neurotransmitters.

These balances may result from unlucky genes, toxicities, poor diet, chronic stress, and environmental stressors.

For example, if you take an amphetamine, the brain will adapt its production of natural transmitters because it doesn’t want too much of the drug’s replacement effect.

Then the more of the drug you take, the less of the natural neurotransmitter your body makes. Consequently, you must take ever increasing amounts of the drug just to feel somewhat normal. And little by little an addiction occurs.

It’s actually a neurotransmitter crisis.

Why addiction occurs

Addiction does not occur because of a psychosocial or moral problem.

It occurs because of a deficiency of your brain’s natural neurotransmitters. It happens because the outside chemical fills a gap in something you were lacking neurologically.

Fortunately, we know how to restore those neurotransmitters.

The only plausible solution

The only possible solution is to deliver the precursors of the missing neurotransmitters, either orally or intravenously, so as to restore your natural neurotransmitters.

Gant never tells his patients, “Just try harder, make up your mind, tough it out…”

Instead he tells them, “I want you to begin to take these amino acids and a couple of other supplements, and I’ll see you in three weeks.”

Much of the time, the patient returns in three weeks saying, “You know, I just don’t have as much desire for that [substance] anymore.”

Endolyft™… your convenient neurotransmitter builder

UltraBotanica’s Endolyft™ product is the brainchild of Dr. Gant. It supports your endorphin feel-good pathways. Endolyft™ is our branded version of Dr. Gant’s formula… with the six neurotransmitters he recommends.

Endolyft™ helps restore endorphin levels in the brain by supplying the neurotransmitter precursors to help you produce fresh endorphin molecules.

Many health professionals use Endolyft™ for themselves also.

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How to Treat Addictions With Nutrients

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