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Got Ongoing Chronic Pain? 5 Ways to Enjoy Pain Relief

Got Ongoing Chronic Pain? 5 Ways to Enjoy Pain Relief

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Want to make your aches and pains go away? And enjoy pain relief?

You can!

Unfortunately, conventional doctors are not trained in natural ways to relieve chronic pain.  And prescription drugs bring many risks – including addiction and death. 

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as Motrin are not only ineffective… they also kill over 16,500 people every year. 

Opioids and narcotics are addictive and are responsible for countless deaths. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says that 760,000 people died from a drug overdose between 1999 and 2018. And in 2018, 67% of those overdoses involved opioids. 

Fortunately, there are better, safer, effective options. Here are five treatments that could bring sweet pain relief. 

1. Acupuncture.

A part of ancient Chinese medicine, acupuncture is based on the belief that blocked qi, or energy, triggers pain… and that inserting thin needles into specific spots on the body with acupuncture can relieve pain.

Research shows that acupuncture is effective, especially for osteoarthritis, chronic back and neck pain relief, and chronic headaches.

In 2017 Consumer Reportsran a national survey. They found that 75% of back pain sufferers who tried acupuncture said it helped relieve their pain.

And according to a Cochrane report, it may even lift depression.

One theory about how acupuncture helps is that stimulating these specific points may release some of your body’s natural painkillers, such as endorphins.

2. White willow bark extract.

White willow bark extract has been extensively used by Native Americans for pain relief of all types.

White willow bark’s salicin content converts into salicylic acid, which is a very effective pain killer. However, white willow has no acidic effect when consumed.

White willow bark is generally effective and quite harmless, even for nerve pain.

3. Deep tissue massage.

Massage has been used for pain relief for centuries. It can offer near-instant relief from severe pain. 

Massage hinders the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. It also promotes production of serotonin – your “happy” hormone. 

Furthermore, massage helps control your production of substance P – a neurotransmitter most known for its role in pain perception. Though substance P is critical to survival, excess amounts of it can trigger a variety of diseases. 

Deep tissue massage reaches through layers of cells for increased blood flow, eliminated metabolic buildup, and pain relief.

4. Heat treatments.

Heat treatments help your joints or muscles to relax. It doesn’t actually eliminate the pain, but heat does help manage pain perception. 

Here are several types of heat treatments: 

a)    Hot Epsom salt bath. Gives pain relief from inflammation or post-exercise muscle soreness. Epsom salt baths also help pull toxins and heavy metals from your body, restore magnesium levels, and promote soft smooth skin.

b)    Capsaicin cream. It sounds counter-productive to use heat from hot peppers to relieve pain. However, capsaicin cream reduces the levels of a neuropeptide that delivers pain signals. This, it can decrease your sensation of pain.

c)    Heating pads improve blood flow and relieve pain. 

d)    Hot stones. These hot, flat stones are often used during massage.

5. Supplements.

Chronic pain and inflammation can be triggered by nutrient shortages, often made worse by a poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, and pollution.

Resolving nutrient shortages can relieve pain and discomfort, and contribute to overall wellness. 

Here are two secrets for successful supplementing. 

a)    Time. Depending on how depleted your nutrient status and your overall state of wellness, it may take a few months to get feeling great again. Longer is better when it comes to moving the needle towards a state of maximum rejuvenation. 

For example, a Psychology Today article suggests three to twelve months of supplementation to resolve nerve pain. Be willing to play the long game to reap the best rewards.

b)    Consistency. Consistency pays off. Strive to take your supplements every day, not just three or four days a week, to gain better nutrient status. And once you start feeling better, keep on with what’s working. Don’t make the mistake of thinking, “Now that I feel better, I’ll stop.”

That said, here are supplements for pain:

a)    Vitamin D3. Considerable research links chronic pain with insufficient vitamin D levels. Such vitamin D levels are often made worse by our modern indoor lifestyles, as well as the inability to get sun during certain times of the day (noon to 2pm) or seasons of the year (too hot/too cold). Take vitamin D3 with K2 for best absorption. They work best as a team. 

b)    Magnesium. Low magnesium levels have been linked to a variety of painful conditions including menstrual pain, headaches, muscle spasms, and nerve damage. 

c)    Vitamins B6 and B12. B vitamins are especially critical for nerve pain… nutritional support with these key B vitamins can help heal the nerves and/or eliminate the pain. 

d)    Curcumin. Thousands of studies confirm the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits of curcumin. Curcumin also promotes overall wellness and much more.  

The biggest challenge historically was getting curcumin into your body in an absorbable form. UltraBotanica solved that curcumin issue with our patented Liquid Protein Scaffolding™ technology that got curcumin activated in your body within 20 minutes. 

Many customer stories on this podcast reveal near-instant results from UltraCur® curcumin. That’s why we give away 3-day sample [link to free trial page on website] packs… so you can try it out for yourself. (You only pay shipping.)

To give UltraCur® curcumin a longer trial, buy a bottle knowing that we stand behind our products. We don’t want you to keep a product that isn’t working for you. (Unfortunately, we can’t accept returns on international orders due to border confiscation problems.)

So if you’re looking for true pain relief, you owe it to yourself to try UltraCur® or Advanced UltraCur®. 

The only thing you have to lose is your pain… And why would you want to keep that, anyway?

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Got Ongoing Chronic Pain? 5 Ways to Enjoy Pain Relief

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