UltraDefense™ 60 ct. Natural Immune Support
UltraDefense™ 60 ct. Natural Immune Support

UltraDefense™ 60 ct. Natural Immune Support

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UltraDefense™ has been designed to assist your body in developing a HEALTHY IMMUNE RESPONSE

COVID-19 and other SARS like viruses can trigger a massive immune response.  UltraDefense™ can help support a healthy response.

  • Curcumin helps your body to balance inflammation and can support your immune function to enable a balanced immune response.
  • Olive Leaf Extract has PROFOUND natural antimicrobial properties that can help support your body's immune function.
  • Oleuropein, the main ingredient in Olive Leaf Extract, can help your body to boost the immune system and has been studied for its potential to affect viruses.

UltraDefence™ is a non-dairy, low-dose (one capsule twice a day) product containing 300 mg of our patent pending N-acetylcysteine-based, highly bio-available, UltraCur-Pro™, Curcumin Complex + 400 mg of Olive Leaf Extract standardized to 18% Oleuropein per capsule. 

Promotes, maintains and supports a healthy inflammatory response within the body.

Covered by Patent US 10,968,260 B2


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