Boost Your Immune Health with This Cutting Edge Technology

Balancing our immune signaling represents a “holy grail” for human health.

As we age, accumulated damage lowers the threshold by which our immune system activates, which can cause chronic migration of activated immune cells into otherwise healthy tissues.

Curcumin and other polyphenolic compounds can provide essential balance to our immune system – improving the threshold by which our immune system activates and sparing otherwise healthy tissue from immune cell attack.

The key to this exceptional immune system support is LPS™ technology... developed by UltraBotanica, LLC, for the molecular delivery of polyphenolic compounds into our bodies. Most bioactive plant compounds are polyphenols with poor absorption. They prefer to bind to themselves and remain inert. LPS™ technology gives us the ability to absorb and assimilate molecular polyphenols, resulting in a visceral experience of health unattainable by other means.

Don’t take our word for it. Order your free sample of UltraCür®, UltraCür® Advanced, or ÜltraDefense™ today. All you pay is up to $5.50 for shipping.


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