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An Exciting New Way to AVOID Disease and Reverse Aging!

An Exciting New Way to AVOID Disease and Reverse Aging!

I’ll bet your doctor’s never talked about this!

But without this internal event, you would NOT be alive! Life cannot happen. 

This mission-critical event fires at the rate of more than a billion timers per second! 

It controls your DNA, turns your genes on and off, allows you to think, fights invaders, and detoxifies toxins.

And it controls how fast you “age,” how well you feel as you age, and whether you’re healthy or sick during that time.  

If you care about how well you feel on a daily basis, you’ll want to understand and promote this process.  Even if your doctor never mentions it. 

Mission-Critical Biochemical Reactions 

Methylation is a vital biochemical reaction that occurs when one molecule hands over a methyl group (consisting of 1 carbon atom + 3 hydrogen atoms = CH3) to another molecule.
Methylation is part of a complex metabolic cycle involving coordinated action by many enzymes.
In methylation, your body produces ATP which in turn produces energy. Methylation also produces many other essential-to-life substances.
To a large degree, your genetics determines how well your body methylates. However…

Half the population has a methylation defect… do you?

Scientists refer to methylation snp’s (pronounced “snips”) as genetic “defects.”
Snp’s trigger methylfolate deficiencies… which lead to glutathione deficiency and eventually to toxins building up in your blood and tissues.
Mutations such as the MTHFR result in decreased enzyme activity… and by default, decreased methylation.
You can inherit the MTHFR gene from one parent or both. If inherited from both, you’ll be at much higher risk from all the downstream effects of the mutation. (But don’t worry… we’ll tell you how to change that.)

About 45% to 55% of the population have the genetic mutation, which can be revealed via genetic testing, such as that done by Dr. Dunn and MyHappyGenes.com. (When you get to her checkout page, a $50 discount will pop up for our readers through this link.)

Methylation affects everything – including how well you age!

The ramifications of reduced methylation are significant and can be life-threatening. 

Methylation affects every organ in your body – brain, heart, lungs, immune system, skin, GI, endocrine.

Because of this, methylation strongly affects how well you age!

When you’re 70… 80… 90… will you be out walking, hiking, biking, golfing or boating — whatever your passion is?

Or will you be bound to a wheelchair with limited choices about what your life looks like? 

If you’re positive for the MTHFR defect, you’ll be more likely to have low glutathione, folate deficiency, toxic overload/reduced ability to detoxify, and homocysteine buildup leading to potential heart attack or stroke. 

You’re also more susceptible to a host of other issues including cancer, heart disease, infections, depression, chronic fatigue, infertility and miscarriage, sleep problems, ADHD, autism, and Alzheimer’s. 

One of methylation’s most important jobs… take heed for “aging” you’ll love

One of methylation’s highest functions is to control your DNA.

It turns your genes on and off. 

In a process known as DNA methylation, a methyl group (CH3, remember?) binds to a gene and tells it how it should behave, and how to express itself.  

Scientists now know that you’re not “stuck with” the genes you inherited from your parents. That idea is obsolete.

You can take action to determine how your genes play out. 

So don’t lament the “bad hand” you’ve been dealt. Rejoice that you can actually do something to rewrite your personal health destiny.

It’s time to take it into your own hands!

How to naturally boost your methylation

Some researchers believe that most people suffer from poor methylation, because many things can reduce methylation, even without an MTHFR defect. 

Methylation thieves include poor diet and nutritional status, sedentary lifestyle, B vitamin deficiencies especially folate and B12, many everyday medications, alcohol, heavy metals, Lyme disease, Candida, lack of sleep, and advancing age. Not that we can do much about that last one!

Fortunately… besides addressing your personal methylation thieves, there are things you can do. 

ways to support your methylation and get biologically younger today
Ready to slow aging, keep disease at bay, feel vibrant, and keep your brain fit and sharp into old age? 
Here’s what methylation experts say to do today. Pay special attention to #5. 

1. Exercise. A meta-analysis of several studies shows that in humans, resistance exercise combined with endurance training caused positive changes in DNA methylation, energy, and insulin resistance. 

2. Eat a diet rich in sulfur-containing foods. Examples: onion, garlic, broccoli, kale, cabbage, and bok choy. (Hint: Not found in fast food.) 

3. Don’t skimp on sleep. Your body needs it. 

4. Take methylated B vitamins. Avoid folic acid, which is the non-methylated form of B9. You don’t want an excess buildup of folic acid that you don’t have the tools to break down. 

5. One of the most effective and least expensive nutrients to aid in methylation is called TMG or Betaine (not to be confused with Betaine HCL). 

TMG converts homocysteine into methionine, and also produces the sulfur substance called SAMe. 

study showed that your number of methyl group donors affects your methylation levels. And this is not just important for your DNA, but also for creating neurotransmitters and antioxidants. 

meta-analysis showed that TMG supplementation at four to six grams per day lowered homocysteine levels significantly. These lower homocysteine levels might reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke. It also frees up more methyl groups for DNA methylation. 

There is some evidence that TMG offers many other benefits, so there’s a “what’s not to love?” factor here. Other benefits include: 

•    Helps metabolize fat to enhance weight control
•    Supports heart health
•    Lowers homocysteine levels
•    Boosts glutathione levels
•    Supports liver function
•    Decreases cortisol (stress hormone)
•    Improve muscle endurance and energy



An Exciting New Way to AVOID Disease and Reverse Aging!

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