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About UltraBotanica

About UltraBotanica

We Exist for YOUR Quality of Life!

We at UltraBotanica, LLC believe that superior nutritional supplements can change your quality of life. From its inception, our company was created to deliver botanicals in a cutting-edge way that gets the nutrients to where most needed… that is, into your cells. Our supplements are all formulated by and with integrative doctors and highly qualified researchers. All our formulas are created specifically for maximum absorption, safety, and effectiveness.
  • Formulas are the work of doctors, scientists, and medical researchers, to bring you the most advanced nutraceuticals on the market today.
  • UltraBotanica products are produced in our state-of-the-art 25,000-square foot cGMP manufacturing facility.
  • All our formulas are manufactured in a clean Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility that conforms to full FDA-cGMP certification standards.
  • All products undergo rigorous and thorough testing for microbes, pesticides, heavy metals, and purity. Nothing is left to chance.
  • All our products are formulated and manufactured in U.S. laboratories and made with care.
Thousands of happy customers have benefited from our quality line of nutraceuticals. We want you to be next.

Distinctive fingerprints on our early days

Following years as a pharmaceutical researcher and pharma CEO, I found myself researching the natural product, curcumin.

A key finding of epidemiologists that shocked the medical world back in the 1970s… was that certain populations on earth had statistically significantly lower rates of many conditions. Those populations all had high intakes of the spice turmeric. But decades later, curcumin (turmeric’s active ingredient) still had a big problem… it couldn’t reach human cells.

In the petri dish and a test tube, it worked beautifully. The problem is that these polyphenols bind to themselves

3 stories from our early days...

One of our “guinea pigs” was a retired Special Forces guy – big, strong man. He’d felt pretty bad for a long time.

So I gave him a little bucket of this orange powder to my friend, Mr. Grey. I told him to take a small scoop in the evening and a small scoop in the morning.

The next day he called and said, “Adam, you’re not going to believe… is it possible that this stuff works as quickly as you said it would?”

I said, “Well, Mr. Grey, what’s your experience?”

And he was like “Well you know, I’ve felt badly for the last 6 months and I’ve not been able to put any pressure on my elbows without intense cringing.”

“I woke up this morning and without thinking I pushed myself up out of bed. I stood there and looked at the bed and looked at my elbows and thought to myself, “Did I really just do that? So I got back in bed and pushed myself up again.”

Then he told me he grabbed his dumbbells and did some curls… and then grabbed his golf balls and his golf clubs and went to his back porch and started chipping golf balls off his porch. And then he called me…

Then there was the 70-year-old man who’d had knee trouble for ages.

I gave him some of our curcumin powder.

He called me the next day and said, “Adam, did you put heroin in that powder?” (Nope, we didn’t… just for the record.)

He said, “I don’t know what you put in that stuff, but I spent the day yesterday digging stuff up in my back yard… and I haven’t done that in years!”

Well, 2014 rolled around, and this crazy Russian guy with his own experience of curcumin said, “Look, I wanna buy this stuff and sell it in Russia.”

I said, “Great! We’re not making it yet, but when we get ready to manufacture it in a couple years, I’d be happy to keep you in mind.”

He said, “No, I’m going to give you a check for $30,000 right now, and I want you to make this stuff for me right now.”

Our production really got rolling with that one order. It’s a giant process to set up a GMP-compliant manufacturing facility. But that single order was our starting point.

Will your great success story be next?

About UltraBotanica’s Medical Advisor, Bryan Frank, M.D.

Bryan L. Frank is a widely acclaimed board-certified integrative physician, author, lecturer, and medical missionary. He practices anti-aging and regenerative medicine, and natural pain and sports medicine in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Dr. Frank is board-certified in Integrative Pain Management, Medical Acupuncture, and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

He graduated with the charter class of Texas A&M College of Medicine in 1981, and followed that with a Pediatric/Neonatal Internship, and an Anesthesiology/Pain Medicine Residency at Scott & White Memorial Hospital in Temple, TX. Subsequently he served a Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

Dr. Frank consults for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and for metabolic and nutritional health.

His medical missions work supports communities in Nepal, Kenya, and Mexico. 

Dr. Frank has written numerous books and medical articles.

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