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A Popular Herb to Boost Your Immune, Digestive, and Heart Health

A Popular Herb to Boost Your Immune, Digestive, and Heart Health

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Goldenseal has been greatly popularized by Dr. Oz and others in recent years. And it boasts some pretty remarkable health benefits…

However, you must be careful. Whenever a product becomes wildly popular, demand can easily outstrip supply. Which is when fraudsters often move in to make a killing using adulterated (fake) herbs.

My guest, Ed Fletcher, discussed this issue recently on my podcast.

Any time there’s a shortage…

He noted that any time there’s a shortage of a botanical, it opens the door for fake ingredients passed off as the real thing. For example, some “goldenseal” is actually a Chinese variant of the plant.

And goldenseal takes a shockingly long time to grow to harvest.

Therefore, Fletcher suggests you choose independent health food stores to buy supplements you put in your body.

These indie stores know the history of product lines and are more acutely aware of problems and complaints than you are.

So, on to the benefits of goldenseal for your health…

Immune benefits

Goldenseal has long been used for treating infections.

Scientists now know that goldenseal contains a powerful plant alkaloid called berberine, among other things.

Berberine stimulates the immune system by activating the microphages that “eat up” pathogens. It also inhibits the ability of bacteria to attach themselves to your cells.

Berberine is naturally antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal.

Goldenseal and your heart health

Goldenseal’s “star nutrient,” berberine, helps regulate heart rhythm and relieves heart palpitations and arrhythmias… shown by a 2001 clinical study.[i][i] C W Lau, X Q Yao, Z Y Chen, W H Ko, Y Huang. 2001. Cardiovascular actions of barberine. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/11607041/ 



A Popular Herb to Boost Your Immune, Digestive, and Heart Health

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